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...they really sound lovely together, both live and on record. It’s understated, intimate and seemingly-effortlessly beautiful. Four hooves up."



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WINNER for Social Voice - SSIMA 2021
Nominated for Recording Artist of the Year - SSIMA 2021
Nominated for Radio Song Single of the Year - SSIMA 2021
Nominated for Indigenous Artist of Group of the Year - JUNO Awards 2021

WINNER for Single of the Year - Canadian Folk Music Awards 2021
Nominated for Indigenous Songwriters of the Year - Canadian Folk Music Awards 2021
Nominated for Indigenous Artist of the Year - Western Canadian Music Awards 2020
Nominated for Americana Album of the Year - Independent Music Awards 2020

Indigenous Artist or Group of the Year -




Cree | kee-yaa-now
Us, We

"We are a family.  We choose to do our best to be kind to one another, to respect ourselves and each other, to nourish our child, to protect him, to help him cultivate his cultural identity as well as the confidence to stand tall.  And we know that we cannot do this alone; that it takes a community to help a family succeed.  We acknowledge Canada’s dark history, and we choose to move forward, to create a future in which our child can not only live safely, but where he can feel that he belongs, and is recognized for the gift that he is.  Kîyânaw is an album of hope and gratitude for the world that we live in.  We believe that music heals, and that stories, both personal and political, have the power to transform our world-views and the attitudes we have toward each other; which in turn helps our family thrive.  From the thunderous Pay No Mind, to the introspective Prayer, Kîyânaw is a collaborative effort; a collection of beautiful and unique folk and folk-blues songs.  With this album, we encourage the reclamation of each other's respective cultures while choosing to be stronger, together."



It’s folk music that’s brimming with the kind of chemistry that could only come from a husband and wife. Nadia, a Francophone-Métis singer-songwriter, and Jason, a Plains-Cree guitarist, create the are award-winning duo: Burnstick. Two performers whose voices and languages blend together with ease, Burnstick pushes the boundaries of contemporary folk music, weaving together the unique sounds of vintage Weissenborns with intriguing vocal harmonies, while allowing the beauty of simple melodies to shine through. It's hard to deny the magic they create as they command the stage with their palpable performances. In 2015, created an award-winning all-original lullaby album that married languages and bridged cultures. Coming back to their folk roots, Burnstick has released its JUNO-nominted debut album, Kîyânaw, featuring thunderous singles "Pay No Mind" and CFMA Single of the Year "Some Kind of Hell", topping the charts of NCI's Indigenous Music Countdown in Canada.  With this album, Burnstick encourages the reclamation of each other's respective cultures while choosing to be stronger, together.

C’est une musique folk née de la complicité qui ne peut exister que chez un couple marié. Le guitariste Cri-des-Plaines, Jason Burnstick, et l’auteure-compositrice francophone-métis, Nadia Burnstick, sont deux interprètes pour qui les voix et les langues s’entremêlent avec aisance. Jason s’équipe de Weissenborns, de guitares « lap slide » et d’une écriture dure et franche tandis que Nadia rayonne grâce à ses harmonies vocales séduisantes et ses paroles pénétrantes et honnêtes – on ne peut nier la magie qu’ils évoquent lorsqu’ils sont ensemble sur scène. En 2015, ils ont voyagé ensemble dans un monde de musique pour enfants, le temps d’enregistrer un album de berceuses originales, pour lequel ils ont remporté un Western Canadian Music Award. Enfin de retour à leur passion pour la musique folk, ils ont lancé leur premier album, Kîyânaw, en 2019, nominé pour un prix JUNO en 2021.  D'ailleurs, leur extrait Some Kind of Hell a remporté le prix "Single of the Year" aux Canadian Folk Music Awards.  Ensemble, Burnstick crée une musique folk rafraîchissante et captivante.



FEB 19  SUN            Festival du voyageur, parc du voyageur @ 1:00 PM                                         Winnipeg, MB

MAR 2  THU             Manitoba Music at the Market, EQ3 Lounge The Forks @ 8:00 PM               Winnipeg, MB

MAR 24  FRI             Calgary Folk Club w/John McCutcheon @ 7:30 PM                                        Calgary, AB

MAR 27  MON         Fort Simpson, Líídlįį Kúę Elementary                                                                Fort Simpson, NWT

MAR 29  WED          Hay River, Riverview Cineplex                                                                            Hay River, NWT

MAR 30  THU           Fort Smith, Salt River First Nations Centre                                                       Fort Smith, NWT

APR 1  SAT               Yellowknife, NACC                                                                                              Yellowknife, NWT

APR 3  MON             Inuvik, Midnight Sun Complex                                                                          Inuvik, NWT

APR 5  WED              Norman Wells, Community Hall                                                                        Norman Wells, NWT





Aitamaako'tamisskapi Natosi: Before the Sun, Banchi Hanuse - Nadia & Jason Burnstick, Composer
Bimibatoo-Win Where I Ran - Jason Burnstick, Composer
Dancing Through, Wandering Docs Anika Syskakis - Jason Burnstick, Composer


Gift to Give, Erica Daniels Kejic Productions - Jason Burnstick, Composer

The Seven Sacred Laws, Peg City Pictures Inc. Numan Films. - Jason Burnstick, Composer

Adventures to Understanding, Travel Manitoba - Jason Burnstick, Composer


The Legacy of The Residential School System 2020, Parks Canada - Jason Burnstick, Composer

Every Child Matters, Animiki See Productions - Jason Burnstick, Composer


Indian Road Trip - Jason Burnstick, Composer - Best Musical Score for a Television Film at the LEO Awards 2020.

Nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up - Jason Burnstick, Composer - Feature Length Documentary at the Canadian Screen Awards.

Shin Chi's Canoe - Jason Burnstick, Composer


Run As One, Kejic Productions - Jason Burnstick, Composer


The Fast - Jason Burnstick, Composer


Return to Manomin - Jason Burnstick, Composer

Ayala: A Hero's Journey - Jason Burnstick, Composer


Where the Blood Mixes - Jason Burnstick, Composer


In a Sacred Way We Build - Jason Burnstick, Composer


The John Walkus Story - Jason Burnstick, Composer

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