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Built on emotion-stirring storytelling and unmistakable vocal harmonies accompanied by a century-old instrument, Burnstick, a JUNO nominated husband and wife Folk duo, are intent on creating affecting music that inspires listeners to feel. The Manitoba based duo features Nadia and Jason Burnstick, esteemed independent artists who united over a decade ago to create deeply moving, cinematic Folk music using their trademark vocal pairing, and Jason's mastery of the lap slide Weissenborn guitar. The pair released their debut album, Kîyânaw, in 2019, which earned a Canadian Folk Music Award and a Juno nomination.  They will be releasing their captivating sophomore album, Made of Sin, this summer.


Infusing meaning in both lyric and sound, Burnstick's sophomore album, "Made of Sin" is a meticulously composed project brimming with riveting harmonies and personal stories that challenge the confines of Contemporary Folk. Five years in the making, the duo dedicated their efforts on capturing the precise tones, timing, and lyrics, to share tales written about relationships, including their own, the ones they have with others, the people and experiences from the past, and the importance of being open to understanding one another in personal and societal relationships. "Our album cover represents our connection to each other with two hands tied together, how we are all connected in some way even if those relationships are not easy.' Nadia shares. "By the end of the album, there is a photo of two hands willingly together, representing the progress we strive for towards better understanding each other." Covering topics of indescribable love for family, the quickness of time, and the special moments we wish we could relive, the album also features a revelatory, emotional song about Jason's first hand experience as a Sixties Scoop survivor. The artwork for the album is made up of a series of photographs carefully taken by Nadia that represent the meaning for the project, and each song.

The title track from the album, "Made of Sin", was one of the first songs written for the project. Jason shares "hearing about the Indigenous children of the 215 shook me to my core. 11,000 and counting. I think about it all the time, and in that moment I wanted to honour them. "Made of Sin" is about the different stages you go through when dealing with childhood traumas." Opening with a gentle acoustic guitar melody and Jason's tender vocal, the song sheds light on his experience in the Sixties Scoop; feeling responsible, longing for his family, anger towards the boarding school and the foster families, and the eventual realization that he was in no way responsible for being taken from his family. Nadia's rich voice joins Jason, creating a supportive, nurturing, and textured harmony. Beautiful and haunting, on "Made of Sin" Jason softly creates a powerful connection between himself, Nadia, and the listener, as he eloquently shares his experiences, and honours the voiceless victims. 


The first single from the album, "Closer" is a moving song about the willingness to do anything necessary for loved ones, featuring a cinematic melody and the distinctive juxtaposition of Nadia and Jason's remarkably deep and feathery soft vocal harmonies. Inspired by the overwhelming love they felt following the birth of their son, Burnstick wrote "Closer" as a manifestation of that love, a prayer for guidance in being able to support him in every way, and asking for the power and strength to lead him through the ups and downs of life. "Moonlit", a poetic, upbeat love song for family members that have passed on, shares the inspiration and courage those loved ones had given to the duo, and how their memory both inspires and guides them. On "Hands Tied", Burnstick offers their audience a moving invitation to avoid being bound by the finite constraints of time, and to spend the time they do have with those they care about most. The album closes with "Go Back", a warm, stripped down song that acknowledges all of the ups and downs in their journey, where they long to return to their favourite moments together.


Infused with riveting harmonies, unforgettable melodies, and skilled storytelling, "Made of Sin" captures the tumultuous nature of the world and the experiences within it. Nadia and Jason draw upon the chapters of their own journey to skilfully explore themes of love, time, and poignant moments, while also delving into the darker experiences of life. A fiercely creative duo dedicated to the finest detail of their work, Burnstick's sophomore album "Made of Sin" reveals, for a second time, why the duo is one of the most exciting artists in the Canadian Folk music scene today. 







Social Voice - WINNER - SSIMA 2021

Radio Single of the Year - Nomination - SSIMA 2021

Recording Artist of the Year - Nomination - SSIMA 2021

Indigenous Artist of Group of the Year - Nomination - The JUNO Awards

Single of the Year - WINNER - Canadian Folk Music Awards

Indigenous Songwriters of the Year - Nomination - Canadian Folk Music Awards



Independent Music Awards - Nomination - Americana Album of the Year

Western Canadian Music Awards - Nomination - Indigenous Artist of the Year


Indigenous Music Awards - Nomination - Folk Album of the Year



Canadian Folk Music Awards - Nomination - Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year

Canadian Folk Music Awards - Nomination - Children's Album of the Year

Western Canadian Music Awards - WINNER- Children's Artist of the Year

Western Canadian Music Awards - Nomination - Aboriginal Artist of the Year

Western Canadian Music Awards - Nomination - Francophone Artist of the Year


CLOSER - Performance (trio)

SOME KIND OF HELL - Performance (duo)


The music has a dreamy soundscape reminiscent of artists such as Loreena McKennitt or Enya rather than the more traditional folk melodies from their 2019 debut record, Kiyânah, which earned a Canadian Folk Music Award and a Juno nomination."



PRAYER - Video



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