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SEPTEMBER 13, 2019




Jason Burnstick: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Weissenborn, Percussion, Sampling
Nadia Burnstick: Vocals, Piano

Marie-Josée Dandeneau: Upright Bass (5, 6)
Christian Dugas: Drums (6, 7)
Cody Iwasiuk: Drums (4)
Bruce Jacobs: Bass (7, 8, 9)
David Landreth: Bass (4)
Daniel Roy: Drums (1, 2, 4)
Paul Yee: Bass (1, 2)


Produced by Jason & Nadia Burnstick, except Some Kind of Hell, produced by Jason Burnstick & Murray Pulver.

Mixed by Paul James, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse, Toronto, Ontario.

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